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Skin Cancer Specialist: What You Should Know

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No matter whether you are high risk for skin cancer, have noticed a suspicious mole or have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, there are many reasons why turning to a skin cancer specialist will provide you with peace of mind.

Here at Highline Dermatology & Skin Cancer, we provide advanced skin cancer treatments with our team of award-winning surgeons who have years of experience and thousands of skin cancer surgeries under their belt. We know how scary a skin cancer diagnosis can be but trust us; you’re in good hands when you turn to our team of skin cancer specialists.

Turn to Us Annually

You don’t have to have skin cancer in order to come into our office. In fact, our skin cancer specialists are here to prevent cancer as much as treat it. By simply coming in once a year for a comprehensive skin cancer screening you can make your health a top priority and even reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

Furthermore, these screenings also make it possible to catch dangerous forms of skin cancer such as melanoma early on.

We Offer the Most Advanced Treatments

We offer the “gold standard” when it comes to treating skin cancer: Mohs surgery. This procedure is incredibly conservative, compared to more traditional forms of skin cancer surgery, and can be used to treat a wide range of skin cancers. Plus, Mohs surgery is highly effective and boasts an up to 99 percent success rate.

Treatment Options

After we have determined the stage of your cancer, we can discuss treatment options with you. Each treatment plan that we create is individualized to each patient, because you know that there are many factors to consider when determining the right skin cancer treatment. When you turn to a specialist you also know that you have a wide range of treatment options that may not be available in other clinics.

If you want to schedule a skin cancer screening, if you need to have a mole evaluated or if you want to discuss your skin cancer treatment options, then call Highline Dermatology & Skin Cancer at (406) 314-4788 to schedule an appointment with one of our skin cancer specialists.

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