Mohs Surgery


Mohs micrographic surgery is the gold standard for treatment of skin cancer.  It has the highest cure rate for skin cancer at over 99%, and allows the surgeon to remove only cancerous tissue and spare as much normal skin as possible.  A microscope is used to examine 100% of the surgical margin to ensure all cancer is removed.

Dr. Shors has performed over 4,000 Mohs procedures since coming to the Flathead Valley in 2016.  He averages 1.6 stages per skin cancer, which is considered an excellent benchmark.  In 2019, he was voted one of the top surgical specialists in the region as published in the Daily Interlake.  He is board-certified in Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery by the American Board of Dermatology.


Q. Is Mohs surgery necessary for all skin cancer?

A. Mohs surgery is reserved for more complicated cancers, which include cancers in cosmetically sensitive areas like the face, scalp and hands.  Cancers that are larger or have more aggressive growth pattern are best treated with Mohs surgery.  However, many other skin cancers can be treated with a variety of methods, which will be reviewed at your visit.

Q. Will other physicians be involved in my care?

A. Most cases will be managed from start to finish by Dr. Shors.  However, Dr. Shors believes in a team approach when working with aggressive skin cancers.  When in the patient’s best interest, Dr. Shors will involve the care of our outstanding local physicians and surgeons.  These may include plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, oculoplastic surgeons, and radiation oncologists.

Q. Will Mohs surgery be covered by my insurance plan?

A. Mohs surgery is covered by insurance, including Medicare.  We screen each patient we treat to ensure the cancer meets national criteria for Mohs surgery.

Q. Will I have a scar?

Anytime a cancer is treated, a scar is created.  However, some of these scars are difficult to see with the naked eye and can only be identified with magnification.  Dr. Shors has over 15 years of experience in reconstructing the skin after cancer removal, and uses a variety of techniques to minimize scarring.  These include flaps, skin grafts, cartilage grafts, and dermabrasion.

“I have dealt with skin cancer for the past 25 years. But in the past I have seen general dermatologists. Dr. Shors is the first Mohs surgeon I have seen. He is one of the most unique doctors I have ever worked with. Dr. Shors and his staff are truly professional, friendly, and very thorough. He treats his patients with the utmost respect, explains all the steps to be taken well in advance. He is always concerned about any pain that might exist during the surgery and after. I have had three surgeries this year for basal cell and squamous cell. In the evening he called to check on me to make sure I wasn’t having any difficulties. He is one doctor I have to say goes the extra mile and delivers. If I would grade him on a scale 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I would definitely give him a 10.”


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